Photo-Interview with: Porcelain Raft

I stumbled across Porcelain Raft’s chillwavey tunes the other day and wondered if he was interested in doing a little interview. He was. But instead of an oldfashioned interview he insisted on replying with photos .. interview 2.0 .. I guess it has never been done before so I am immensely proud to offer a platform for this historic event.

Here is the result, I guess it more or less speaks for itself…


Hen: Where are you from?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: When did you start making music?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: What are the major influences to your sound?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: What’s your ambition?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: What’s with the name?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: What’s the story behind ‘Tip Of Your Tongue’?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: What would be the ideal environment to listen to your music?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: What’s your favorite new band?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: Do you believe in ghosts?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: Have you ever met one?

Porcelain Raft:

Hen: Ahem, thanks!


check his myspace. stream or download his brand-new EP “Gone Blind” on bandcamp

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2 Responses to Photo-Interview with: Porcelain Raft

  1. gerlin says:

    Hahaha this is really good! Original stuf.

  2. gerlin says:


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