So I’m Jo – Air (for freeee)

So I’m Jo released a sort of new track the other day. They started playing ‘Air’ live towards the end of last year but never really put it out there.

Here is the statement they released along with the song concerning the progress of the EP they are working on:

“The sounds are brighter, the vocals are bigger…and we’re a bit clearer on what we want to sound like. Washed disco-ee drums, big melodic synths and vocals…and overall just a bit more aggressive in our approach. We’ve added a bit of “fuck it, we feel it so lets just work with that” vibe to our writing and we’re loving just working through it together. We’ve been listening to everything from James Blake to Arthur Russell to Surfer blood…it’s all in there, look out for a release / gigs in July / August”.

Make sure you catch So I’m Jo on Poule d’Or 2.

Their debut EP ‘Entrevoir’ is a free download over at modularfield.

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