///free download: CHILLECTRO 101//The Maple Edition///

While putting together the third installment of the infamous Poule d’Or Compilation series, I received a lot of experimental and innovative electronic tracks that were great but didn’t really fit the sound I wanted the third compilation to have. Of course I didn’t just want to cut them off, so I decided to source them out and start a new series called CHILLECTRO as those tracks are chilled and electronic. Ready for your listening pleasures right here, right now!


‘Nowhere Paradise’ by Bon Chat, Bon Rat from Sydney

‘Hans Kruger’ by Kumon Plaza from Edmonton

‘Four More Years’ by Teen Daze from Vancouver

‘Missy’ by Atlas Young from Tokyo

‘In Cash’ by Anchorsong from London

‘Aeton’ by Soft Slip from Ontario

6 tracks, 23 minutes

Have a good time lounging to CHILLECTRO 101//The Maple Edition! Right now!


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