After almost two months in the making and a couple of sourced out tracks, the third Golden Hen Compilation is finally done and ready for your enjoyment. It has been an absolute blast once again to talk to the artists and getting so much positive feedback. Thank you all for making it happen! With 19 selected, exquisite tracks and 74 minutes playing time this is the longest edition yet, but it really feels like it’s the best, too.

Let this be your summer anthem:


1. Gamble & Burke – Isolated (With You) // Kitsuné had them on their 9th Maison Compilation, brilliant electronic pop song just like electronic pop is supposed to sound ..it’s exactly where I wanna be.. / Boston, Massachusetts  / myspace / facebook

2. Young Empires – Rain Of Gold // Young Empires are a really promising band in my eyes (not just mine). Rain Of Gold is a beautiful dance pop track. / Toronto, Canada / myspace / facebook

3. Tanlines – Real Life // I love Tanlines, hard to pick a favorite out of their repertoire, but this track would be on the shortlist. Great tropical drum infused electropop. / Brooklyn, New York / myspace / facebook / youtube

4. Acid Washed – Kelis’ Acapella Remix // The parisian dance champs of AW made Kelis’ Acapella even more appealing and catchy. / Paris, France / myspace / facebook

5. Hi Tiger – 8Ball // They have already been on the first compilation. I really dig their sound. This track is a synthie 5 minute twilight ride. / Portsmouth, New Hampshire / myspace / facebook / Blog

6. Jamie Long – Aquarium // 80s inspired electropop. Very chic. Check out the cool video for the track. / Houston, Texas / myspace / facebook

7. New Look – So Real // New Look is a Canadian Futurepop duo. So Real is the first track of their 2008 debut 4-track EP ‘How’s My Hair’. / Mississauga & Dundas, Canada / myspace / facebook

8. Silver Ripples – Hi It’s Laura // I didn’t like this track that much at first, but it grew immensely on me. Seriously cool song. Hi, it’s Laura! / Brooklyn, New York / myspace

9. My Tiger My Timing – I Am The Sound // MTMT are the coolest. Backed by an amazing concert experience last week, I Am The Sound – despite being around since October – could very well be THE summer track of the year. / London, UK / myspace / facebook

10. Germany Germany – Radiowave // Poule d’Or Compilation veteran Germany Germany just keeps making one brilliant song after another. Radiowave might be my favorite GG track of them all. In addition, a Germany Germany led ‘Distorted Disco Record Collective’ family is on its way. Keep an eye on that. / Victoria, Canada / myspace / homepage / facebook

11. Äänijännite – Island Hideout // Very enjoyable indiepop with an electronic pinch from this Finnish quartet. The song is from their equally nice 3-track EP ‘ep’. / Helsinki, Finland / myspace / facebook

12. Psychobuildings – Paradise // Uh oh oh ooooh!! Super-catchy indietronica track. Paradise indeed. / Brooklyn, New York / myspace / facebook

13. Monogold – Dead Sea Minerals // Monogold was voted best band of 2009 in the indie/avant category by the Deli Mag. This is track 3 of their rightly praised 7 track EP ‘We Animals’. / Brooklyn, New York / myspace / facebook

14. Nullifier – The Scheme Of Things // Another very catchy electronic indiepop song. Think Late of the Pier kinda deal. Absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait to hear more from them. / Brighton, United Kingdom / myspace

15. Watch Out For Rockets – Lift Off Cloud Controller // A more indie, less electronic song. I like. Too bad it’s just 2:16 / Austin, Texas / myspace

16. Zambri – Easier // I’m so scared!! They are good. Really good. Dark yet beautiful synthie-indie-pop-rock song by this sister act. We’ll probably hear a lot more from them.. / Long Island, New York / myspace / facebook

17. Zarrylade – Eyes Above Your Head // Very cool indietronica song. Catchy hook and raaaaaad instrumental parts. / Los Angeles, California / myspace

18. Hooray For Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends // Cristi from Zambri told me to check out Hooray For Earth. Good thing she did, because they are quite cool.. Surrounded by your friends is a beautiful, beautiful indiepop song .. in the end, you’re surrounded by your friends.. / Cambridge, Massachusetts; New York City / myspace / facebook

19. Brothertiger – You’re Afraid // Perfect mellow, electronic shoegaze track to end this compilation. / Athens, Ohio / myspace

This tracklist is not so much of a tracklist actually rather than a 19-course-menu, you should taste from Entrée track 1 all the way down to the delicious Dessert at 19.

So, Bon Appétit, here is the link:


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I’m really curious to hear your thoughts on this edition. Also, feel free to share source and link as much as you can, repost, retweet, rewhatever it.

Want your track to be on the next installment? Contact Poule d’Or on facebook / twitter / email: pouledorblog at gmail.com

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15 Responses to ## OUT NOW ## POULE D’OR COMPILATION 3 ##

  1. wegotthebeat says:

    Great work on the compilation! Thanks for sharing!!

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  3. anhphi says:

    Très très bonne compilation, merci.
    Bonne continuation.

    (merci à suckmytea pour le RT)

  4. How do you find all these bands??? Great work on the comp anyways!

  5. gerlin says:

    Is the cover art done by you? I.e. are those your legs? Nice shoes. I really like the picture and will check out the compilation soon!

    • hen says:

      thanks yea my shoes, my legs, my artwork (its actually the little pond in les tuileries. u can spot la tour eiffel) .. let me know how u like the comp. ur blog is super cool btw. lovin it.

      • gerlin says:

        Thank you so much, yours is too! How have I only just discovered it? I’ve started following you on Twitter now too! :-) and also: kudos for being a French guy with good taste AND English skills.

  6. hen says:

    haha yea i’m german actually. mais je parle francais assez bien aussi en fait… guess that means even more kudos HA! ;)
    started following you on the twitter too. aww so exciting!

  7. hen says:

    Re-reading my track descriptions, I gotta say that ‘quite cool’ doesn’t really do justice to the greatness of Hooray For Earth’s track. Surrounded By Your Friends might be my favorite from this compilation… very, very good. The accompanying video is as nice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PgHWew3nNQ

  8. indiecircles says:

    really fucking grate mate!

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