download du jour: Norwegian Inquiries

Brilliant compilation packed with music from lovely Norway.


1. Team Me – Weathervanes and Chemicals
2. We Are Mystery – Broken Hearts
3. Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo – The Rich, The Lepers and Die Mauern
4. Eirik Djuvsland – Katt Med Hatt
5. Proviant Audio – Would You Mind
6. The New Wine – Revolving Cylinder
7. Attention Now! – Soundwaves
8. Burning God Little – +++
9. SiN – Lost in a Span
10. Bellman – All that is beautiful (The atomic powered robot)
11. Einar Stray – Teppet Faller
12. Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson – I Think E.T. Is Involved In My Family
13. Therese Aune – The Lonely Ocean Roar
14. moddi – Littlejune


via No Fear Of Pop & Technicolor Sleep

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