BRAND NEW : Germany Germany – Take Your Time & Reflections

Some say that Drew Harris never sleeps .. and that he has to be switched off at night .. all we know is: the workaholic that is Germany Germany returned with innovative new material! Drew Harris has unleashed the first singles Take Your Time & Reflections off his upcoming LP Adventures. Both songs carry Drew’s distinctive micro production style, each layer beautifully engineered, building up piece by piece.

Germany Germany – Reflections | download on Distorted Disco

Reflections is a song for this girl “Reflections had no lyrics until a few days ago when I was on the bus and kept making eye contact with a girl in the reflection of the window.” The Piano track you hear on Take Your Time was recorded with Drew’s iPhone in the entrance hall at Atangard Community Project in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Germany Germany – Take Your Time | download on Distorted Disco

Both songs are out now, free for download on Distorted Disco Records.

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