Dadajugend Polyform – Louis de Marsalle

After a couple of EPs in the past years, german electropoppers Dadajugend Polyform have now released their debut LP Louis de Marsalle on Auf Die Plätze Records. While there are a whole lot of bands trying to sound like they are from the 80s, Dadajugend achieve something more creative here. Louis de Marsalle still has that distinctive poppy 80s feel to it, but on tracks like Localism Leeds you can feel that there is more than that to it. A modern twist that maybe only shows after a couple of listens. Overall, Lena, Holger and Enno have put together a very nice debut album that should be very entertaining on stage. They are giving away A Fair Trade along with remixed versions for free on soundcloud. Sadly Localism Leeds is not available for stream. It is now. Louis de Marsalle is out now. Also catch them on Poule d’Or 2.

Dadajugend Polyform – A Fair Trade | download on soundcloud


Dadajugend Polyform – Localism Leeds

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