Total Warr – Please Never Come Back Again

Parisian drum-poppers Kiki and Guigui also known as Total Warr released their second EP Please Never Come Back Again on iTunes and once again present the most brilliant and compelling tunes. The EP features the aforementioned Please Never alongside three fantastic new songs. Guigui recently explained track three Pleasure is the Death of Desire to Aol. Spinner:

“So we wrote this track on a very sunny day in Paris at Kiki’s place. We wanted people who listen to the track to feel the heat, that feeling when the sun burns your skin. We started with this idea of combining the sweetest melody and at the same time the worst lyrics ever. So we picked up hardcore album’s names like Arkangels, Kickback, Integrity and ended up with this sweet chorus lyrics: “I hope you die by overdose”

Please come back again. With more songs like these.

Total Warr – Pleasure is the Death of Desire | buy on iTunes

Total Warr – Please Never | buy on iTunes | download on Poule d’Or 7

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